Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wow, what the fuck. This is pretty damn awesome stuff. Here's an album by a late 60's real life Los Angeles witch , the beautiful Louise Huebner. This mainly a spoken word album but there is alot of weird drippy and trippy music(Louis and Bebe Barron) here too,very strange indeed. Louise's scratchy voice is perfect for this and even kind of sexy. When made the official Witch Los Angeles , a government bestowed title, she released this album. Listen as she weaves spells and incantations for your aural delight. This is a very unique album and Not for everyone, so I recommend it to the adventurous among you.

1. Introduction - Gods
2. Self-Fascination Ritual for Increased Power
3. Isis Full Moon Ring for Magical Protection
4. Demon Spell for Energy
5. Orgies - A Tool of Witchcraft
6. Sun Sign Amulets for Spiritual Protection
7. Coleopterous Charm for Romantic Adventure
8. Turkish Bean Spell for Tender Love
9. Seduction Spells from Around the World
10. Emotional Bondage Spell
11. Earthquake Spell for Unwanted Lovers
12. Witches and Wizards


  1. Even though I had no idea this existed I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for it. Thank you.

  2. Oh yes.... this is excellent!! Have a smoke sit back and just drift along with it. I bought this a few years back.

    I also recently picked up an LP by Babetta called, "The Art Of Witchcraft" which is also pretty cool. Mainly spoken word.

    Can you get your hands on , "Barbara the Grey Witch" double LP?

  3. Heheh, some of the hottest sex I ever had with one of my ex-ghoulfriends was accompanied by this album, so apparently it's magic is POTENT! Unfortunately when we split she swiped the disc, so THANKS for posting!!

  4. Re-upload please:) And thanks for the blog.

  5. This is fucking amazing. This lady is still around and active on facebook, drop her a line and thank her for this bizarre gem!



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