Sunday, January 3, 2010


WOW! I have been playing the shit out of this one, truly fucking amazing. Tons of punk energy with NWOBHM type riffs. At times this reminds of the Misfits, I know that's crazy but something about the delivery and melodies really makes me think of them or something else Danzig might do. A better description would be Deep Purple and the Misfits had a Hyperactive NWOBHM baby. However, this is really not a punk record, although it does come close at times. This is totally metal! Both of these songs are very catchy, very upbeat and they both get relentlessly stuck in my head. This is their first single, they also manato make ged a full album in 83 called "No more Escape" and a couple of great demos, all worth checking out. Great shit!.
1.Hell of a Block
2.Burning Eyes

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  1. This really smokes man!!!!!!!
    Thank you



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