Friday, January 22, 2010


Here is volume 2, also from the cassettes I made for some friends years ago, there are some really great songs here, some rare stuff and some basic shit too. Lots of great bands also, my personal favs here would have to be Prisoner's "Backstabber" (what a masterpiece and I love the fucking vocals, a totally intense and ponderous headbanger ) Hellion's "Don't take No for an Answer" (this band should have been so much bigger, this track is almost perfect rock metal) and Stormwitch's "Heart of Ice" (this is a pretty poppy song but I just love it, great sing along type shit). Their all good tracks though. Just all round good metal. Thanks to everyone who got the last one, hope you dug it ..Enjoy!
2.Black'N'Blue-Kiss of Death
3.Gravestone-The Real Death
4.Warrior-Day of the Evil
5.Max Havoc-I'm the Show
6.Hellion-Don't take No for an Answer
7.Stormwitch-Heart of Ice
8.Prophet-Street Secrets
9.Mercy-Heavy Metal Warriors
10.Zebra-Tell me what You Want
11.Metal Church-Start the Fire
12.Helix-No Rest for the Wicked
13.Running Wild-Chains and Leather
14.Loudness-Rock 'n' Roll Crazy Nights
15.Mallethead-Spoonfed Girl
16.Helstar-Witches Eye

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