Friday, January 15, 2010


Goddamn this is a great punk record from these Portland weirdos. Very metallic but not crossover. A damn mean sound though and some really great songs. A little in the Exploited/G.B.H vein, but at the same time pretty original stuff. This record features Poison Idea members Glenn Estes and Charlie Nims (aka Myrtle Tickner) on bass. These guys got a lot of good shows with bands like Dead Kennedys, Scream, Dr. Know, The Exploited, G.B.H., Hüsker Dü, The Minutemen, D.R.I. and Mercyful Fate, but they never played outside the Pacific Northwest. To fucking bad. Totally essential hardcore punk!
1.Out of Sight out of Mind
2.Rain of Death
3.Holier Than Thou
4.Bunker, The
5.I Quit
7.Mental Home(live)
8.Deep Six(live)
9.Rain of Death(live)
10.Nowhere Fast(live)
11.Looking Outside(live)
12.Innocent Faith(live)
13.Shot in the Back(live)
14.Last Day, The(live)
15.Trial by Fire(live)
16.Out of Sight out of Mind(live)

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