Sunday, January 3, 2010


Great classic punk album here from 1978. I don't know how I missed this record when I was younger and really into this style of punk, its on fucking SIRE for fucks sake. I feel like I have seen it and passed on it during one of my "I'm only buying metal" phases, ha ha. They even played all the classic New york clubs with a lot of other uber famous bands. Anyway this is a really great album, not perfect but certainly a lost gem. Most of these songs are good here, some better than others. The best tracks would have to be "Rats", "She's Dead" and "(Your Love is like) Nuclear Waste", but the majority of the rest are well above average too, this is their only real album from the time period, though they did make a reunion album in 2007, but I haven't heard it. Anybody? Check it out.
2.Who's Been Sleeping Here
3.Here Comes Trouble
4.She's Dead
5.Phone Booth Man (P.B.M.)
6.(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste
7.My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
8.Love And Trouble
9.Head Over Heels
11.Fun City
12.All For The Love Of Rock 'n' Roll


  1. Yeah, I have never heard this album.

    But I will check it out.

    I know I heard "Head over Heels" on the Live at CBGB's Double LP.

    I like the some of the lame Robert Gordon with Link Wray solo stuff.

    It is basically Robert Gordon pretending to be the true king Elvis.


  2. Hey Adam, it's "Double A," sitting in Hollyweird - I haven't checked out your blog in a while and I'm glad you posted this! I loved this record. I got a double LP compilation called "Live at CBGBs" when I was in eighth or ninth grade. Tuff Darts had several songs on it, including "Rats." I can't really remember who else was on the album, but it might be worth digging up. I agree with Hutton, I also enjoy the Robert Gordon/ Link Wray shit, as cheesy as it is. My Dad had their LP "Fish Special," and I listened to it constantly as a kid - it was the first place I heard "The Way I Walk," and I used to particularly love "Red Cadillac and Black Mustache." I haven't been able to find that album anywhere, except as an expensive import CD.

    Side note - was reminded to look up your blog because I was Googling my favorite Antiseen song, "Old Man Hit the Road," and saw that the Rock N Roll Outlaw had covered it! Man, that Outlaw has good taste... can't wait to hear it.

    False to Death Metal, Aaron

  3. False to Death Metal; pretty funny




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