Friday, January 15, 2010


The one is so unreal, where the fuck did this record come from, its just flat out killer. If your as obsessed with this kind of music as I am, Its so hard to wrap your mind around a record this good existing without your knowledge. I mean were always finding new music and bands and now thanks to the Internet, its all actually able to be heard no matter for the most part how obscure it is. But still ever once in a while a record comes along that really reminds you why you dig so deep. First of all this is not a doom metal album, its actually some very heavy rock/punk/metal sounding insanity from Germany 1979. One of the best records I have heard in years. My friend Fenriz turned me on to this one last year on a comp he sent me, featuring the song "Rock 'n' Roll Close to the End of the World", great title right! That and every one of the other tracks here are a prefect mixture of caveman metal brutality, punk delivery and a completely bad attitude. Got to say the vocals are so fucking good!, from punk and straight metal to beyond Lemmy style to almost death metal growls. At times this could be compared to some of the meaner early Motorhead material, they don't sound like Motorhead really but this certainly has the same vibe at times. Very very heavy for 79. Lots of high energy riffs, all with a weird rock 'n' roll punk edge, its sort of like these guys are playing a weird party, don't get me wrong this record actually sounds really really good and not like a live album at all, still there is that special something, I just cant put my finger on it that makes it come alive. The guitar sound itself is pretty fantastic as well, very 70's but a little rawer. Anyway nothing short of essential. Get this one for sure. There is a reissue of this out on CD and vinyl that adds about 11 more tracks, well worth it I think.
1.There Ain''t No Running Away
2.They Who''ll Creep At Night
3.Rock N'' Roll Close To The End Of The World
4.Heavy Mad Head
5.Deadman''s Dream
6.The Meanest Man
7.Doom Power
9.The Hound
10.The Lights Of The Blind


  1. Yeah, this record is THE SHIT and everyone should know about it. The reissue on Shadow Kingdom is fucking MANDATORY for people who dig the mp3s, the second disc is just insane, raw live stuff. Vocalist gets even fucking crazier, like Beefheart doing death metal.

  2. This is a beauty....gotta here the 2nd disc!!!!



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