Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Fantastic piece of unique music. At first I didn't know what to expect from this, considering the cover. Glam maybe? But not really, at least not in the usual way. This is a heavy little album and pretty original, its hard to compare it to anything, maybe some earlier Grand Funk stuff played by someone slightly more caveman than Mark Farner, but this is rougher and a lot more raw and much weirder. There are a few long jam out parts that might discourage some, but over all the energy is pretty high. I have read some rather angry reviews of this record, mostly by indie rock nerd types, but as a total Neanderthal I thought this was a killer album all around. They have a second album but I don't have it for some reason, I'll have to search it out at some point. Check this one out!
1. Tiger Rock
2. These Days
3. Everything I need
4. To Hell
5. Tiger Blues


  1. This is a great record! Like Baby Huey on Crypt. Way trashier than I expected. Good stuff.

  2. great hard rock record

    I vaguely recall chrisgoesrock posting the second record

  3. I might have actually gotten this from chris goesrock,but I just cant remember, I miss the hell out that site, I tey to find his new sites when they pop up.

  4. GODDAMN I've been missing out on some good shit. Should have my new PC in a month or so, then I can stop mooching my squeeze's PC and start grabbing this stuff... And hell yeah, gotten some great shit from chris myself over the years. You can catch some 10 or so albums at a time type torrents on thepiratebay.org from time to time.

  5. Second album is pretty boring compared to the first. There's also a pre-Tiger album under the name Second Life that has some good bits (especially "Raiders of Night").

    ChrisGoesRock is now at dropoutrecords.blogspot.com, btw.



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