Friday, January 15, 2010


Well if your not already a huge Doro fan like I am, Warlock is the right place to start. I have been a fan since around 1988 or so, when I picked my first piece of Warlock wax 1987's "Triumph and Agony". Doro's voice is fucking amazing and she is easily the best looking metal vocalist of all time. My teen crush for her still runs deep, so Doro if your out there, I'm waiting for the call! The version of "Burning the Witches" on this demo is much more alive and energetic than the album version and is a must hear for Doro fans. Still looking for something by Doro's first band Snakebite, so if anyone can help please do! Truly rocking heavy metal shit. Bow at the altar of the ultimate metal goddess!
1.Burning the Witches
2.Iron Lady
3.Cry for a Rebel

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  1. "Triumph and Agony" is agony ... it does have great vox, and just as rockin' and heavy as anyhting of its kind of the time. Sadly, my copy is mp3's I made from the cassette, but I can still rock with it, ya know. Thanx for posting this!



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