Thursday, January 21, 2010

P205 1976 (GER)

Here's a weird one for you folks that dig heavy rock and psychedelic shit. Personally I loved this one. This is a little late in the game by 76, but still this is a very unique album and certainly a must have for fans of the shit. Sometimes upbeat rock, sometimes weird as hell. I don't know anything about these German space rock weirdos, but this is a good album and a very different listening experience. Very heavy, very moody and doomy stuff, check it out.
1.All Right
2.A Star Behind The Wall
4.When a Soldier Dies
5.I Didn't Care
6.Near By The Dark Blue Lake
7.Major God
8.I Gotta Go Over Me


  1. What a freakin crazy album never heard of it thanx
    MR.Dave Metalfiend

  2. this a gem. found this on orexis of death awhile back. been enjoying it ever since



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