Sunday, January 3, 2010


Fucking insane piece of metal wax here, I just scored a copy of this on vinyl a few days ago at the worst record store in town, I'm not even sure why I went in. But there it was, a prefect copy of this killer record. The guy behind the counter said "Some old biker dude sold these", I thought to myself maybe this record was sent here by the future me, then I snapped back to reality and forked over 6 bucks for this masterpiece. The first person to ever mention these guys to me was Mike Rutherford I think, but I didn't hear them until quite a while later when I stayed with my friend Mark in Seattle, he played me their tracks on the Scandinavian Metal Attack compilation album, along with Bathory and a few other bands, I liked OZ the best. If you haven't heard this and you dig classic metal with an Occult edge, get this now you will not be disappointed. Every song here is good and damn catchy. This is their second album, but most of their albums are good with only a couple of exceptions.
1.Search Lights
4.Black Candles
6.Stop Believin'
7.Free Me, Leave Me
8.Fire in the Brain


  1. Such a great record. Posted this a while back too!

  2. That's awesome man,This album kills!!!
    I had a cd of this but finally got it on vinyl, such a great record, Your taste is spot on good sir!

  3. I remember dubbing you a copy of this the same time I made you a copy of Roky Erickson's "Casting the Runes" (you need to post that album up on here, I think it's the best Roky release out there - I scored the most AMAZING pic disc version of that album, it's a beauty) - anyways, I always thought the Hookers could do a badass Oz cover. "Fire In the Brain", "Turn the Cross Upside Down" and "Third Warning" are the 3 essential Oz releases, this one and TtCUD being the most essential.

    Killer album, all true metalheads should own this. I still need a copy of this on vinyl. I hope I run into a good used copy myself.

  4. Mike, I dont know what happened, i must have lost the tape or just never got around to listening to it, I wish I had Im sure I would have loved it back then, great fucking record, great band.

  5. This is my first post on your site and I have to say I concur with your assessment of this album!! \m/(>,<)\m/
    I came upon your blog in a serendipitous down-the-rabbit-hole sort of way today and I am in utter HEAVEN!I can see I'll be spending lotsa happy hours here.....



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