Monday, January 4, 2010


Here's some totally crazy Brazilian thrash for you, I know some of you will really enjoy this one, Josh I'm looking at you (if you don't already have it and you probably do). Fucking great stuff here, right on the edge of falling apart but totally on fire and action packed death/thrash. This is their first full length and my personal favorite, they also have some cool demos and a split album, so if you like this check those out also. This singer was asked to be Sepultura at some point, but turned it down and I think that's some pretty awesome shit! Am I crazy or is "Memorial Stone Without Name" like the best song title you've heard this year so far or what? For all true thrashers and cult metal fanatics!
1. Memorial Stone Without Name
2. Blood Storm
3. Butcher
4. War Dogs
5. Mutilator
6. Brigade of Hate
7. Immortal Force
8. Tormented Soul
9. Paranoiac Command


  1. This sounds so perfect but my computer's broken so I can't download it yet :(

  2. Josh "Woman Tamer" McAlearJanuary 6, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    This album is great, truly a standout, even in a sea of incredible BM(brown metal) releases from South America! I had a download of it a long time ago, but for some reason all the songs got cut off in the middle some where along the way. Thanks for the album dude!

    Off topic, anyone have the soundtrack to 3 ON A MEATHOOK? I've been on an horror overdose kick recently, and would love to get that soundtrack...

  3. Hey man yeah I thought you might have even mentioned this album to me at somepoint during one of our metal nerdouts!
    Dont have that soundtrack but I love that movie, that director is from the town I live in, hes got a lot of good movies, if you dont already know.
    P.S I can finally burn you any dvd now, I will email you a trial version of the program soon if you want. I have been destroying the hell out of some netflix.

  4. I really like this I think I'm in love! Thanks for the download.P.S. Sepultura rocks too...I like this south america sound



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