Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well unfortunately it is Christmas time again and even though despise Christmas and all that comes with it, I have to post this forgotten little gem, I cant believe I had two albums to post for Christmas. Not the best monster record out there but its got to be the best monster Christmas album. You may have heard the title track from this on one of my "Goodnight Whatever You Are!"comps, if so you know what your in for, if not please go get that first. Filled with tons of cool and weird monster themed Christmas tunes, that will either make your day or make you want to shoot yourself shortly after hearing it, personally I dig it, but probably for all the wrong reasons. You decide monster fanatics!
Link fixed, sorry about that.


  1. This cover is so cool..reminds me of the other 2..same vampire with pointed big ears. Wrong link though..just to let you know. I've got to play this for Christmas!

  2. I still have both original albums of this series and listened to them to death.. so much that this one ended up with a nasty triangular chip on one edge, so it'll be nice to be able to hear the first few minutes of both sides again.

    Tried downloading this one several times, and unzipping it gives me a corrupt error for track 14 every time. :(

  3. Anyone happen to know a link where this is still uploaded? Thanks.



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