Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I doubt that I will be introducing this album to that many of you out there but if you haven't heard it than by all means start downloading it right now, this thing is unbelievable. I first heard this in maybe 96 or 97 at someones house that I stayed at after a show, but had heard about it long before that. Led by the beautiful and energetic front woman Jinx Dawson, this is truly astonishing stuff, totally satanic and evil and also completely wonderful heavy music and lyrics, some of the songs get so deep inside my brain, that I cant stop thinking about them, "The White Witch of Rose Hall" is especially addictive. I have burned this album out over and over again through the years and lately I have been playing it a lot again, so I'm posting it. Any serious rock fan will listen to this and hear tons of ways that this has influenced other great heavy rock, metal and goth artists since its release. Totally a undeniable classic, so check it out!
1.Black Sabbath
2.White Witch of Rose Hall
3.Coven In Charing Cross
4.For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
5.Pact With Lucifer
6.Choke Thirst Die
7.Wicked Woman
8.Dignitaries of Hell
10.Satanic Mass


  1. I found this record in the late 90s in Belgium for 20 bucks. An awesome score. Love it.

  2. I had the original vinyl to this but gave it up to Ebay for a HELL of a lot more than what I paid for it. I've actually got a new version of this album that Jinx put out where she hads the supposed missing "incantation" to the "Satatnic Mass" and adds another track where she talks about making the album, etc. It's not anything you ever really need to hear though (the shit on the new version that is, the album itself is fucking great and if you're me, you just gotta love an album that talks about Mr. Rutherford, haha).....

  3. The Spits sample the beginning of Satanic Mass on their 3rd record. Anyways.....



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