Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here's one that's a bit different, I think. Originally called Apocalypse, these lads changed their name to Omega in 1983. They appeared on the Ebony records compilation "Metal Warriors" with the track "Blood Sacrifice". Somewhere around 1985 they released this moody little piece of wax. This one doesn't really fit the NWOBHM mold for me really, though it's not that far off the mark overall I guess. There just something very downer about it. Despite the terrible Beatles cover, I really enjoyed this one and this might sound weird but something about ii reminded me of Amebix at the beginning, I doubt anyone will agree with me, maybe its just the cover.
1. The Dark
2. Shadows of the Past
3. The Prophet
4. Yesterday's Children
5. Drive Me Crazy
6. Day Tripper
7. The Child

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