Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I generally hate Christmas albums, outside of a few by Elvis , one about monsters and one by Twisted Sister, I don't think I own any others. I'm not sure where I got this from, but most of these tracks are pretty strange, some are heavier than others, give it a spin.
1.libido - evolution
2.marcel - god rest ye mary gentlemen
3.joy unlimited - All heaven and all earth are silent
4.virus - mary meets tarzan
5.Dies Irae - silen night
6.libido - come on everybody
7.Ardo dombec - heavenly rose
8.Dies Irae - shepard's song
9.Ardo dombec - open the door, open your mind
10.virus - x-mas submarine
11.flute & voice - Ecce Navicule
12.libido - come on everybody - special radio version


  1. You are so right!I can't really find anything to top the Twisted Christmas...I mean Dee Snyder looks like the scariest Santa in those videos. Thanks for posting these.Have a dreary Christmas and Horror New Year!



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