Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Formed in New York way back in 83, this albums only real claim to fame is that it features two members that would go onto be in a ton of great bands, this one included. Of course I am talking about Joe Hasselvander (Pentagram, Deathrow, Phantom Lord, Raven) and Jack Starr (Virgin Steele, Burning Starr, Thrasher, Phantom Lord). Though this isn't as good as some of those bands, its still a great piece of wax that should delight most of you jaded metal heads. I really enjoyed it and I loved the fucking vocals! I totally dig this cover two, its way cheesy in all the right ways. Here's a great quote from the back of the album that might tell you what to expect.
"This LP is dedicated to true headbangers who hate false Metal magazines"
1. Devil Childe
2. Rain Of Terror
3. Son Of A Witch
4. Repent Or Die
5. Thru The Shadows
6. Grave Robber
7. Beyond The Grave

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