Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Though this steps outside of my distinct boundaries of not listening to metal from the 90's, again not that there aren't good bands, but 90's metal for the most part leaves a lot to be desired for me. However I really enjoyed this album, its was certainly out of date by 1990 when it came out. This is sort of thrash metal, sort of speed metal, sort of all over the place, but good. This cover is beyond cheesy to an almost generic level and jeez that name is terrible for sure. Still for some reason I put this on and I really dug it. Their only other appearance was on the Mosh on Fire: Banned In L.A. comp from PMRC Records in 1992.
1. Maniac
2. Slay Ground
3. Metal Cry
4. Victim
5. Patriot
6. Betrayer
7. P.O.W.
8. Enemy In Our Midst

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