Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Oh man do I love these two fucking albums, when I first got into them I would have sworn they were the best thrash metal band in the world. I still totally play the shit out of both of these. Very killer thrash metal with a rock 'n' roll attitude. Great guitar and perfect tortured vocals. I think these dudes primarily played hardcore shows for some reason, but this is pure thrash metal. I like the later stuff also but nothing touches Power and Pain.
1.Stage Dive
2.Red Bomb
3.Last Man Alive
4.Message in Blood
5.War Monger
6.Power Thrashing Death
7.Stirring the Cauldron
8.Spit on Your Grave
9.Nailed to the Cross

1.Perpetual Warfare (Intro
2.Walk the Plank
3.Last Nail in the Coffin
4.Drowning in Torment
5.The Burning of Atlanta
6.Eternal Eyes (Last Nail in the Coffin, Part 2)
7.Snake Pit
8.Spiral of Violence
9.Respect the Dead
10.Perpetual Warfare (Outro)


  1. Oh man - Power & Pain was a "blind" purchase for me way back in like 88. I had never heard a note of their music, but knew I was gonna like it (you could do shit like that back in those days and get a winner 95% of the time....don't try it nowadays though, the winner/loser ratio has pretty much reversed). Power & Pain rips. Portaro had his own guitar sound and I LOVE vocals like he did on the first 2 albums. Not death metal growl or just screaming, but that sorta screeching, raw as fuck....just killer vocal style. "Nailed To The Cross" is hands-down my favorite track on the album, but I'll just be honest and say I like every fucking song on here. When I went and stayed for a week with King Fowley, we watched several old Whiplash shows he had from this era and they were fucking insane! I love Ticket To Mayhem as well. "The Burning of Atlanta" is amazing. TTM has a clunker or maybe 2, so it's not quite as good as P&P, but who cares, right? They don't make 'em like this anymore, so even an old-school Whiplash "clunker" kicks the living shit out of what many current bands would consider as their best! Oh, and if you dig these 2 albums, you gotta get the "Messages In Blood" CD with their first 2 demo's and a couple of old live shows. Awesome, awesome stuff. Sadly, their 3rd album "Insult to Injury" was an insult to my ears after the godly first 2 records. I listened to "Cult of One", "Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey" - total suckage. Then "Thrashback" was unleashed with the original lineup (the 3 Tony's), but Portaro had changed up his vocal style and things just were not the same. There was some good shit on the album, but it was far from great.

    They just released a new album "Unborn Again" and it wouldn't have bothered me had it been aborted. I just can't get into it at all.

    But any old-school metalheads NOT have the above 2 albums Goodnight has posted here, you're missing out on some of the best thrash/speed metal ever committed to tape.

  2. Mike, I totally agree dude, these are essential. I love the Messages in blood cd too, but your right about the newer ones, there just not for me. I do like insult to injury though, even though its a different singer, there are some good songs.



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