Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Killer fucking record from 71, very rocking and pretty heavy in some places for Florida band. This is another group I featured on one the Atomic Bombs Away comps I put up. Totally awesome rock and totally obscure! This whole thing has an MC5 meets Grand Funk vibe to me, I'm not even sure why I'm saying that exactly. Anyway this is a fantastic album and I have played the shit out of it lately. Its kind of laid back in a weird way, still energetic and exciting, but not taxing in the least. These guys were said to also have quite a theatrical live show, well worth your time and effort. Get it!
2.Got That Feeling
3.Monday Mourning
4.Rock On
5.Find A Way
7.Dead Meat

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  1. These guys were from the bullshit town I grew up in, them and BANG. South Florida had some pretty cool bands in the early '70s.



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