Friday, November 6, 2009


Alrightly, first of all so sorry for not posting more this week, my work schedule has been very hectic. I'm coming in two hours early at my night job and it's leaving no time for the blog. But I have the weekend off so I will get a bunch of stuff up soon and next week should be back to normal. Anyway here's a Thrash/Speed metal compilation I made to listen to at work, so just like my other comps, I thought I would share it. Tons of great metal here and all of it is pretty fast. Hopefully there are enough obscurities to keep everyone happy, I love all these songs and there all from the 80's. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

1.ADX-Deese Du Crime
2.Devastation-Under the Scalpel Blade
5.Exumer-Possessed by Fire
6.Blood Money-Death heavy
7.Mayhem(US)-Burned Alive
8.Flames-Cocksuckin Slave
9.Brocas Helm-Black Death
10.Anvil Bitch-Maggot Infestation
11.Eldritch Rite-Rampant Corpse
13.The Kill-Kill or be Killed
14.Phantom Lord-Live fast,Rock hard
15.Exorcist-Black Mass
16.Dum Dum Bullet-Burning power
17.Razor-High Speed Metal
18.Darkness-Iron Force
19.Whiplash-Spit on your Grave
20.E.X.E-Crib death
21-Evil Blood-The Beast

Mosh It Up Part 1
Mosh It Up Part 2


  1. Man, I hear ya. You wouldn't believe how much time it takes to run a completely UNsuccessful record label!?! Imagine being a successful one! Is this the thrash comps you gave me a while back? I think I thought "maggot infestation" was the greatest song ever!

  2. Unreal dude, maybe the best old school thrash compilation I have heard. The energy level is way up there. Do you have any new school thrash?
    Please make another one

  3. So awesome! Lots of stuff I've never heard. This synchs up nicely with Billy Blanks' Ab Bootcamp! I mean, I love Billy Blanks and all, but doing tae bo to thrash metal is perfect! RAR!

  4. Great website! I especially like the atomic bomb comps. Any chance you could reup Part 2 of the Mosh It Up comp. The link is down. Thanks

  5. Hello, nice blog man, can you please re up this album,



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