Friday, November 13, 2009


Alright here's another weird one for you. You might remember my Delia Derbyshire post a couple months back, well this pretty much goes hand in hand with that. Though this is a couple of years earlier and maybe a little more important. I don't like it as much as Delia's stuff, but you have to give this chick credit. This is very basic stuff, even a little boring at times, but take in to consideration that the sounds you are hearing are for the most part the first of their kind. Many arguments could be made that if she and Desmon Briscoe hadn't campaigned for an electronic music dept at the BBC, that electronic music as we know it may have never existed. However she wasn't very happy at the BBC's lack of true interest in electronic music and resigned about a year later, starting her own studio known as Oramics Studios for Electronic Composition. Cranking out sounds for film and T.V., one of my favorites is the music and sounds for Jack Clayton's 1961 horror film The Innocents. Besides being a electronic music innovator, she had plenty of other significant achievements including being the first woman to direct an electronic music studio, the first woman to set up a personal studio and the first woman to design and construct an electronic musical instrument. Thats damn impressive in my book. She died in 2003, at age 77.


  1. This is some cool stuff-- it's like the love-child of Delia Derbyshire's music and the 'Forbidden Planet' score.

  2. Thanks for sharing-- the zip seems to have no track #3 by the way...

  3. Yeah, this is all news to me, truly impressive.



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