Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here's one I know absolutely nothing about, I'm not even sure where I got it really. Maybe the old Chris goes rock site, but I just don't remember. Searched for info on this record didn't really find anything useful. If anyone knows anything about this I would love to hear from you. To me this sounds like Screaming Lord Sutch singing for The Pink Fairies. Throughout this whole record there is a weird sense of humour and plenty of nonsense, but also some very heavy jams. The entire record is kind of a sloppy drug fueled mess, but quite enthralling. All in all a very fun and entertaining record to listen to. Unique and original.
1.Return of the Meat midgets
2.Closer the Herfys
3.Ben the Rat meets Led Zeppelin
4.Scream (Its eating me Alive)
5.Depression City
6.Log rhythms


  1. This is an awesome album. Retarded and awesome. There's a CD called "Hiking Into Eternity" that features some pre-LP recordings. And they were all members of a folk-rock band called Bluebird, I think, and this album was intended as a joke.

  2. Hey thanks for the extra info, thats awesome.

  3. They were a very cult band from L.A. This record was privately pressed by the band and is very rare. That is all I know.



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