Saturday, November 14, 2009


Alright here are two totally amazing records full of great music by fucking top notch bands, so many good tracks here its unbelievable. I was talking the other day to my good friend Jeff Clayton from the mighty ANTiSEEN , the only punk band that matters, about these albums and in particular the Soldier track on volume one called "Storm OF Steel", of course Jeff's tastes are impeccable and this song is just plain killer, thanks Jeff for reminding me of these great records. Both of these albums have a lot to offer but the first one is best. The second one is a little more obscure in the band selection but still a lot gold for classic metalheads. Some of the truly classic tracks here include Jaguar's "Stormchild", Witchfinder General's "Rabies" and Soldier's "Storm Of Steel". These are really good releases for sure. Not to be missed....Enjoy!

Heavy Metal Heroes Volume 1
1 Twisted Ace - I Won't Surrender
2 Grim Reaper - The Reaper
3 Jaguar - Stormchild
4 Soldier - Storm Of Steel
5 Bitches Sin - Strangers On The Shore
6 Metal Mirror - Hard Life
7 Buffalo - Cold As Night
8 Expozer - Rock Japan
9 Split Beaver - Running Wild
10 Dragster - Do It!
11 Witchfinder General - Rabies

Heavy Metal Heroes Volume 2
1 Lionheart - Lionheart
2 Mendes Prey - What The Hell's Going on
3 Mantle, Swallow, Palmer - Ice Cold Diamond
4 Overkill - Out Of My Head
5 Jess Cox - Devil's Triangle
6 Twisted Ace - This Fire Inside
7 Witchfinder General - Free Country
8 No Faith - Oh Well
9 Persian Risk - Calling For You
10 No Quarter - Power And The Key
Check out ANTiSEEN, the last true punk band in the world right here.


  1. Really looking forward to listening to this with beer. Thank you so much.

  2. I'm really liking all this metal! I agree with Aesop...I really like drinking beer with this stuff loud as hell in my car...this however can be dangerous to EVERYONE! I really don't drink and drive...that's pretty uncool.Thanks for all this great music.

  3. Love your blog man, absolutely a-fucking a-mazing. Was just wondering if you could u/l the Pallas track on Vol.2? Maybe you kept it out because they're Prog not Metal, but a great band nonetheless, back then at least. Have you ever heard "The Ripper"? Insane man lol.



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