Saturday, November 14, 2009


Fucking fantastic metal here from the obscure Druid. Very upbeat and amateur, just like I like it. I have to admit though that at first I only gave this band a chance because of the bizarrely childish cover for the "Vampire Cult" album. The artwork for "Four Curses" is slightly better but I just fucking love that ridiculous Vampire Cult" cover, its amazing! There is a different cover out there on a re-release but why would anyone want to change this masterpiece right, bastards! Formed in Boston in 1985 these are their only two releases. I have read reviews that call this doom metal and it is doomy at times but I think its to energetic and way to fast and punk influenced to be anything close to true doom. Much more in the NWOBHM vein of things to me. These guys had to feel pretty out of place by 89, total throwbacks. See what you think about the mighty DRUID!!!!
Four curses
1. The Robber
2. Forced Entry
3. Legion (The Exorcist)
4. Godsend
Vampire Cult
1. Word of the Lord
2. Time of Trial
3. Twin Towers
4. Brand New Messiah
5. The Joker (Take the Thrashers Surfing)
6. Claws
7. Blast From the Past
8. Nitemare
9. The Highwayman
10. Dark Travel
11. Crossover

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  1. Boston?! i never heard of these guys! That cover is awfully evil.



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