Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wow what a heavy and amazing record this is. This is truly some blueprint stoner rock, unbelievably obscure. This record has acquired quite a cult following over the years and this should be required listening for anyone into heavy 70's music, doom metal or even the bullshit that passes for stoner rock now-a-days. Beyond classic. This is pretty original stuff, not at all like the Sabbath clones of the day. It seems more like slowed down 60's rock turned up to 11 to me. Damn good! The guitars are blazing and the singer comes somewhere between Jim Morrison and Simon Stokes, with some very rowdy vocals. Raw but with a great set of pipes. Originally limited to 200 hundred copies, forget ever owning the original vinyl. The going price will shock you. Not a bad track on this one.
1. Sanc-Divided
2. Come Out of Her
3. Eye of the Hurricane
4. Sons Come to Birth
5. This Bird
6. Sky High


  1. Man can't wait to rock this one. Ya always deliver!

  2. Very nice, again! I wouldn't know where to find this much good heavy rock if it weren't for this blog. Ever heard of Power Of Zeus or Phantom? (as in the album Phantom's Divine Comedy?) also very good obscure stuff from the day. wanna say they've been reissued by Atomic records maybe. Power of Zeus is on Rare Earth records I believe. GREAT stuff though in the genre.



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