Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HORSE - 1971 (UK)

Yet another lost classic, this one is uber heavy and mean, I love the guitars, but I really love the lyrics. The first song is an instant classic. I absolutely loved this record start to finish. If you like heavy 70's shit this is a must. Stop reading start downloading! Interesting side not this drummer went on to Atomic Rooster.
01.The Sacrifice
02.See The People Creeping Round
03.And I Have Loved You
04.Freedom Rider
05.Lost Control
06.To Greet the Sun
07.The Journey
08.Heat of the Summer
09.Gypsy Queen
10.Step Out of Line


  1. Good record. The first song is bananas.
    Great riffs in just about every song.

  2. Ya. never heard of the band horse...diggin' it!



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