Sunday, February 21, 2010


A killer piece of redneck punk here, maybe even the be all / end all of the style to be honest. You would be very hard pressed to find another band that does this shit with more backwoods anger and fury. Many have compared this to ANTiSEEN over the years and even Nine Pound Hammer, rightly so I guess, that is what this comes closest to in a lot of ways. But where as ANTiSEEN went the whole destructo rock, blood, guts and glory to the max route, so you knew they weren't purely countrified, but maybe more of a punk/redneck weirdo hybrid. While Nine Pound Hammer have always come across like they were kind of making fun of rednecks and Hillbillies really. But these dude's have a completely redneck image, hillbilly outlook and are 100% believable. There's no real tongue in cheek sentiment here per say, even though in some ways their really not being entirely serious. But the over the top shock value of songs like "If you Ain't from Georgia" and "Hellstomper", make them quite hilarious. On par with David Allan Coe's finer X-rated material and just as offensive. In many ways this truly aspires to be those classic D.A.C. albums, going as far as to bravely cover the classic "Rails", fortunately Hellstomper are more than capable of living up to their name and the giant shoes they try to fill, this single is pure proof. I cant say enough about how amazing and rocking this record is, truly a classic piece of wax. They have a shit ton of other releases and all of them are good, so if you like this one, get the rest! This is NOT, I repeat NOT for the easily offended or for those who are prone to getting their panties in a bunch!
1.If you ain't from Georgia
3.Fightin Side of Me
4.Truckin Song


  1. Dude, usually I'm the last asshole to complain about people posting questionable music on the internet or whatever but this guy actually makes his living selling KKK robes and airbrushed shirts and guns and shit please don't make it easier for rednecks to finance their fag-killing parties! It's easy to divorce yourself from BDSM but these are actual rich rednecks with the power to kill vulnerable women in my community! Several women have been assaulted, it's not 1971 no more.

  2. Isnt this free?
    Whats BDSM?

  3. Hey man I think he warned you pretty well in the review that this was offensive what else can be said. You dont like it dont download it.
    This certainly isnt the most offensive thing on the internet, so move on

  4. Powerful cabals of rich rednecks in leather bondage gear that are making tons of cash off of selling klan robes, guns, and AIRBRUSHED T-SHIRTS?!?!?! Not to mention all the dough I'm sure they made on their records that were pressed in the staggering quantities of 300 or 500 copies per title. That has to be the most absurd paranoid punk rock fantasy that I've ever heard. Yep - it's no longer 1971 - so lay off the acid, bro. Sounds like a wonderful plot for a horrid drive-in hicksploitation flick, though...Shame on you, Adam - what's next (gasp!) Andrew Dice Clay records!?!?!?! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. These guys are one of my favorites. This album was kinda like a fuck you to everyone and their careers. Love it. BTW Hellstomper and the DAC cover are the only two times they say nigger, so give it a rest. They are good guys, that make great music.

  6. To whoever blew up this download, Allan The God Damn King of Hellstomper had your fucking number YEARS before your messing with what should be free material at this point. It gives a different point of view as yours, and you can't have that. You narrow minded, left wing, Nazi.
    "You preach about free speech, and that's all good and fine, and I gladly gave you yours, now where the hell is mine. Whine and bitch about a record, what a fucking bore, I'm entitled to my opinion, as long as it's just like yours" Allan King

  7. It's been downloaded in it's proper format, and you'll find it again. You can control one site, but you aint the internet police, you aint you PC police. But thanks for showing the tolerance for ideas, and expresion, as long as they conform to your beliefs. Fucking hypocrite. I kind of have an idea why this was taken down. But no post and why. Again, coward.

  8. Wild Ride. Put that tongue in cheek, and laugh that there are people playing this, and even believing it. Rocks though. Just don't play at a NAACP meeting, or a NOW Meeting, one of million Gay (NAMBLA comes to mind.

  9. Thank you for posting this. Hateful, yes. Funny, yes. Rockin', yes. Believable, HELL yes. I saw Hellstomper in '99 in Philly PA. The passion was still there, but I think they kind of pretend like this album never happened. As I'm writing this, they have made it to being sold on major independent web sites along side Anti-Flag and NOFX. Perhaps there is some balance in this world.



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