Sunday, February 21, 2010


This one is just way, way out there, I cant remember this chicks back story exactly. She was the subject of one of Jacob Young's films featured in the Different Drummer series, all of which are worth checking out. She hails from Mudlick, West Virginia, around the same parts as Jesco and Hasil. Anyway I had the pleasure of actually seeing her live sometime back in the mid 90's, truly a sight to see. She did most of these songs and then totally flipped out while doing "Great Balls of Fire", almost to the point something like G.G.Allin. Very crazy indeed for a 50+ woman with a beehive. For the most part the music on this album is a little boring but the singing and lyrics really keep you guessing, just take a look at the song titles, wild shit. For the adventurous listener only.
1.Rats in My Trailor
2.Stop Testifyin' to the Devil
3.Goin' over 40
4.Love Magic
5.Stop Messin' With My Mind
6.Do the in and the Out
7.Ship of Slaves
9.Dixie Lee
10.One on One
11.Stand by me

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  1. Fucking great blog. Just grabbed all those Frizzi/Fulci scores. Link swap? My blog is horror/SF cinema with a punk/metal attitude. thanks.



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