Friday, October 9, 2009


Alright here's a compilation I originally made for my close friend Stoney tombs aka Noel, a huge classic monster fan and one of the few people I actually know that likes this shit as much as I do. You might have seen some of his comments urging me to post these. Anyway I made this CD for him and over the last few years we have both become increasingly more obsessed with this type of music. I would say I went most of my life without realizing how much great Monster music existed. I dug John Zacherle and Bobby "Boris" Pickett and some other stuff, but had no idea how many one off singles, sound effect records and no name artists there were, amazing really, this is a truly unsung form of music, that's been relegated to cassette budget bins and dusty record boxes at flea markets and is only considered relevant around Halloween. BULLSHIT! This is some really great music, its unusual and very creative at times. I got a comp that Buffalo Bop Records put out about four years ago and that started to clue me in. So I'm returning the favor, here's the first in a 6 volume (so far) series of compilations. There tons of classic stuff on here and lots of obscure stuff too. If you can find a better 6 volume Halloween comp, send it my way pronto! I'll have them all up by the end of the month. Hope you enjoy it.
1.Zacherle-Dinner with Drac
2.Round Robin-I'm the wolf man
3.Buck Owens-Monster's holiday
4.Tony's Monstrosities-Igor's party
5.Bobby "Boris" Pickett-Sinister stomp
6.The Frantic-Werewolf
7.Kip Tyler and the Flips-She's my witch
8.Screaming Lord Sutch-Dracula's daughter
9.Night of the Living Dead Radio Spot
10.Jackie Morning star-Rockin in the Graveyard
11.Jack Kittel-Psycho
12.Dave Gardener-Madwitch
13.The Panics w/Cindy &Misty-Voodoo Walk
14.Don Hinson and his Rigormorticians-Riboflavin flavor
15.Ben Colder-Shudders and Screams
16.Boris Karloff talks about Vampires
17.'Bobby Bare-Vampira
18.The Duponts-Screaming ball
19.Tyrone A' saurus and his Cromagnon men-Monster twist
20.Tarantula Goul-Graveyard
21.Hollywood Flames-Frankensteins den
22.Orvin Yoes-The Vampire
23.Count Lorry and the Biters-Frankenstein stomp
24.the Verdicts-The Mummy's Ball
25.Jim Bugett-Jekyll and Hyde
26.Leroy Bowen-Graveyard
27.Billy Demarco-Drac's back
28.The Drivers-Dry Bone Twist
29.Lon Cheney Jr.-Monster's Holiday
30.Lord Luther-Teenage Caveman
31.Bo Diddly-Bo meets the Monster


  1. Can't wait to hear it! I got a couple RAD Halloween comps from one of the Knockout Pills guys. I think I fucking lost them when I moved back to S.F. though...

  2. Great comp! What happened, you got too lazy to finsh naming the tracks??hahaha

  3. Is there a problem with the track listing? or are you fucking with me?

  4. No problem here. These are great, I thought about buying that Buffalo Bop compilation. Do yours have all that shit? Please put up the other five now.

  5. Cool!
    Yeah these have 99% of what was on those, there were actually 2 comps like this that they put out, I did leave off some of the caveman and jungle songs though. I will get the others up as soon as possiable, thanks for checking it out.

  6. when I put 'em in iTunes the first 4 had song titles, then the rest had Track 05, Track 06, etc...maybe I just need to re-download.

  7. Mike, hey man I downloaded it and it looks like everything is cool, give it another shot,please dont give up on this comp,I promise its a good one, ha ha

  8. These cds had as much impact on me as buying, say, Dark Side of the Moon for the first time. I won't forget laying in bed with the ole ipod and I couldn't wait for the next track to start. Best comps ever.

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  10. Holy hell! This comp is amazing! It totally made my day and will be danced to thoroughly and horrifically at my upcoming spooky dance party!

    Two things I hope you know about (this may or may not be of interest):

    and this show was so awesome yet so little known and thus underloved

    Oh yes, I'm Brucifer's little lady and your blog is awesome. Hello from Canada!

  11. Amazing comp; of course looking forward to more good Horror Rock

  12. There's so much good stuff in here. I'm a big Buck Owens fan and to my surprise this one.."Monster's Holiday" was a huge bonus. Do you know if he did a whole Halloween theme album or where did this come from? and did he say "Piss by the graveyard" or "pass by"??haha.Thankyou so much.Fangbang

  13. Oh, and another comment on this great the Lon Chaney Jr's "Monster's Holiday" too! Any chance of "spider baby"? I have a copy but not a good one...that one gives me tingles up my spine!haha.

  14. Fangbang,
    Yes I have the Spider baby song, i think im putting it on gwya vol.6
    as for buck that track is from the buck album "monsters holiday", but sadly thats the only monster themed track on it, I think thats the only one he recorded. Amazing song though.

  15. Thanks for the info..lookin forward to all the gwya's! My favorites on Vol 1..Graveyard Rock,Voodoo Walk and just about all of them.Halloween is creepin' up keep up the good work gouly.

  16. Thanks for sticking the Jack Kittel version of Psycho on this one. I've got Eddie Noack's version (well worth checking out (I'll send it if you don't have it) and Elvis Costello's version (AND I play and sing my wouldn't believe how WELL the average audience accepts that song!)
    Anyway, I'd looked in vain for Jack Kittel's version of Psycho ever since the Rev Frost hipped me to it (he couldn't find it again I guess) a BIG thank you to you .

  17. I just found this blog and all I can say is THANKS!!! Amazing selections, I am PUMPED.

  18. Truly Gruesome! Errr, I mean AWsome!!



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