Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honey Bane-Girl on the Run 1980

Love this Single some reason. Its really kind of bad in a lovable way. I really dig Honey Bane's awkward vocals and with Crass as a backing band I had to end up loving it. Not for everyone I'm sure, but if you like classic punk and girl vocals, this is for you.


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  2. Some asshole deleted my above comment! (Yeah I know and I stand by my assertion of the so called 'author'. Sad. I know. Me too.)


    Thank you! I love pretty much anything from the Crass Records Anarcho Camp! Good shit. I really believe that a lot of the punk rockers at the time (Crass folks, Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey,...) seemingly had a soft spot in their ol' hearts for Miss Honey Bane. Managing and helping her out in most of her musical endeavors during the UK's 'second wave' of punk rock/new wave music. Hell, after all isn't one man's soft spot in the ol' heart just another man's hard spot in the ol' knickers? I say this not trying to be crude or offensive but solely because I could understand their possible motivation (and it's funny)...especially after seeing her in her very own Motion Picture Movie starring role...which just happens to be a rad ass porno! I shit you not! All you anarcho cabbage 'patch kids' just goo~gle it and prepare to be amazon-amazed (also u should maybe lock your door) by the great Miss Honey Bane in the flesh(every last square inch of it)! Yip! Ain't no lie! She made this little diddly of a flick a bit later in the 80's but she was still in top female fronted form! Call me a pervert (u wood b a politically correct a-hole!) but nobody can ever speak ill of Miss Honey Bane's networking skills and overall full applied use of all her god given talents and gifts! Miss Honey Bane I love you emphatically...sinner. :)



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